suddenly、From behind

Today mourning Shinjuku de work takes。
And we are waiting for a signal at the intersection of Nishi-around、It was multiplied by the voice suddenly strange youth。

excuse me、Are you a photographer? "

The young man Rashiku in part-time job of hit Yue work of the office building、Also comrades while talking with me has to worry about how you are working。

"Yes、I'm a photographer。」

If you answer briefly so、He asked me, "Do you have been Toka exhibition?" To the satisfaction likely face due to the fact that his decision was hit with。
Because I just have a DM for the next exhibition and handed it、He bowed lightly、I went back to the To move work cheerfully。

But it had taken aback too a sudden、I guess I'm sure Anna feel when shooting request over voice to people I。
But well、Although it why of such Sonomanma that what was put voice you do not know well、I hope me to come to the exhibition。
I want to carefully ask where N there。

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