suddenly、In front of the eye

During shooting、As you lull sitting in a coma drama Square、Suddenly old man was lifted Innovation Hyoi with one hand the granny's bike that is parked on the street。
At first, I thought it only took out his bicycle from the bicycle parked nothing units、(In fact even I to do so。Although it can because it is lighter road racer That said。) It would be at most To hung too is it to do。
Old man as it is to lift the bike up to the high overhead、And firmly hold the saddle with one hand、This time began to rotate as it is。
Despite me and passers-by to be taken aback、Old man and the bicycle will continue around round round。
Such is quite strange、It likes a acrobatics of the circus。

What had around the eyes after a while、Old man even while dizzy、Return the bicycle to an inch to the original location、I walked out of the place as if nothing had happened。
The number in between those tens of seconds。Although around regained immediately the day-to-day、I'm not Fusagara is alone open mouth。

Ossan was what I wanted to do what?
Although there is a feeling like a plucked even to fox、It might be there Datte moment you want around round to lift the bike to people。

But just there in such a feeling、I only lift with both hands。

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