After the delivery

This year's first carry-in completion of the exhibition "ariphoto2009 vol.1"。
This series was also entered in the fourth year at an early ones。It will be the total 12th exhibition in this。
Until April 5 days from tomorrow、We look forward to your visit of everyone at Gallery。


And the people of Osaka、I also being held a group exhibition are participating。
It has sent six points from ariphoto series。Please take a look towards the Zyban is also here.。

See Visual Arts Gallery 100 anniversary exhibition ' 2009.3.14 sat – 5.26 Tue 10:00 – 19:00(The last 15:00Until), admission free Mon closed
Participating artists:森山大道 上田義彦 瀬戸正人 尾仲浩二 妹尾豊考 野波浩 ZIGEN 有元伸也Nomura Keiko motoda Keizo 300 people Shunji Nakagawa Takashi Tsukasa village Shuzo Abe Atsushi


One thought on "After the delivery

  • SECRET: 1
    long time no see。echo is。
    I have been once again found a blog on workplace human。
    There are also sometimes strange nasty writing。
    Completely (with malicious intent) is a feeling that depends on looking。
    We decided to a little left so annoying。
    But it was up the rest declaration like a article、The truth will open elsewhere。

    Dangerous keyword "Leica", "Nokuchi", "Land Rover", "defender", "W201"
    We want to be careful not to use etc.。
    Excite blog also quit because I feel easy to get caught so much search engine。

    You will be contacted Once you have established new that the。
    Do not tell me when there somewhere nice thing。

    Dewa also。Thank you。

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