Being overweight at an exhibition

Until the exhibition is on a daily basis、Walking around on intently from morning till evening。
Walk 8 hours at a speed of 5km、Will be walking a day distance of about full marathon is the theoretical value。
If it is once the exhibition begins、Momentum is reduced to extreme、Food intake In contrast to the increase trend。
Darkroom work Hobari rice ball from the morning today。Hospitality at the gallery in the afternoon。The way visitors and sweets。Dinner at night at night、Moreover, Chinese。
If such a life is followed by several days、Belly around will have increased visibly。

The exhibition will leave the place after four days、+3Please come to ridicule the Arimoto became kg。

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    Ask on Saturday、Photo、I was allowed to enjoy! Somehow I felt the cause that you have been foot was grasp。Someday My Prints、Please look! Thank you very much!

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    To Shizukaー、I was allowed to see。In fact, when looking at a photo album、
    Myself Do not had somehow lost its honesty from being stood talking、
    I have been aware of it referred to the、、、It is up to that。

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