Photo Exhibition ends.

The other day Womochimashite、Exhibition "ariphoto2009 vol.1" was terminated to be the first time this year。
We got you for coming Thank you everyone。

Every time display second week is、In intently every day of reflection while looking at the photos on the wall、But also you, such enough pain are you in the gallery、This exhibition was a little different。
Monday Closed on date of the return、About to go to the next day the gallery was not how fun。
Of course, but it does not mean that there was no reflection point、I felt a different response to the exhibition of until now。
It is he, of course also in one by one and select and configure photo、Than it was also one of confidence in the fact that whether going to handle this series how the future。
The moyamoya in the head、It was a good exhibition that could one spit out as a form。

vol.2 will be held late July。Naturally photo is still no one。Start shooting from tomorrow!

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