My favorite teacher

Today also taking in the nice spring weather。And then our sashimi and shochu in Kichijoji、Go home in a good mood。
When you start the PC while singing humming、The jumped into the eyes Kiyoshiro Imawano's Obituary。

Incredible。Often absentmindedness。

I wonder ago three years、I received the opportunity to shoot to accompany just before the tour's cancer is discovered。
Subsequent launch Ya、Even bother you in the shooting of PV and drama、Impressed touch to its modest personality、It seems to be yesterday for a handshake involuntarily。

Around the time of puberty if traced back a memory、A big fan of my sister RC Succession、Encounter in the singing voice heard from the next room、Also it will issue a face to the obsession live、Activities such as THE TIMERS or HIS also listened、Desire or not while to immerse yourself in the photo、It was was able to face-to-face via the camera。

Even after recurrence was optimistic as "Kiyoshiro's if all right!"。
Nothing but sad for you right now、You are "My favorite teacher" forever for me。
Lock of God is immortal。

~ Paddle in love!

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