Now here's journey

We will work exhibited at related events photo exhibition of "Tokyo Photography Month 2009"。

"Traveler-trip is here now of wind" May 30, 2009 (Sat) - June 8 (Mon) Konica Minolta Plaza Gallery C
Participating artists:有元伸也Okuyama Chunzhi Tsuneo Nishiyama still discipline Yamashita Kazuhiko Washio
5Mon 30th (Sat) 18:00~ 19:30The、Taguchi Randy (writer) × Tsuyoshi Saeki (traveler editor-in-chief of the wind) with the public talk "Now here、Or、It will be held somewhere "not here。6Since we have published the work in the "wind of traveler" of the month 1 day sale、Here also together, please perusal。

Also visit the strange place、If there is no change in their own eyes、It can not be said that journey。Even in the same location、Staring things without falling into inertia、Will swap their through inspired a new discovery experience it can be said that the "journey"。this time、Magazine chose "the wind of the traveler" is five photos、Instead of cutting the landscape to selfishness in the passing of the land、Long term relationship with one of the land、Commute the people and the heart to live there、And then it goes up to float the preciousness of human life to be continuous regardless of the time and place。(Traveler editor-in-chief Tsuyoshi Saeki of wind)

Wind traveler
Konica Minolta Plaza
Tokyo Photography Month

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