Photo Exhibition ends.

Today Womochimashite、Exhibition "ariphoto2009 vol.2" the second time this year has ended。
We got you for coming Thank you everyone。

After the previous exhibition ExitAlthough he was not Notama' such as "confidence could be"、Scatter away that I think is the miserably in this exhibition after just a few months。
Imaging method and exhibition of the cycle、It may turn to this simple series of time that must again rethink the fundamental implications of。

Such as a reflection even in moderation、Ponder recently left、I will go to the shooting travel about two weeks from tomorrow。
Destination is the Internet environment out-of-service late、Blog of the update can not be let alone e-mail check。Of course, the mobile does not communicate。
Sorry it will be from all of us is back。

So、In addition we will be a report of the trip in here。

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