See the pictures of (provisional)

The other day、TOTEM POLE PHOTO Gallery "part 1、Held a meeting (tentative) "to see the photos。
Although he styles such as WORKSHOP had done before、This time, no application registration、It was carried out without the participation fee。
The reason is、And the wanted to participate in various people by eliminating the threshold、There is also in the sense that you want to eliminate my own responsibility and burden。
Rather than discuss the unilaterally photos as a view of a single individual、Even in the middle of trivial Kotobajiri of many people、Sparkling I wanted to find a word。
The first round of graduates of the photo school who participated 15 people。
And you look at a lot of photos、Touching on a variety of values、I as became a very quality time。
The participants、Not only show the photo、In addition not only see、Went deeper consideration to the photos through them I think that if you can。

Next time will be held from 7:00 May 6 (Tuesday) 19。
Not only the visual arts professional school relationships、We hope to participate in many of the people。

Who also not please join feel free to。

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