Felix Tole photography exhibition

Setagaya Art Museum has been held in the I went to see the "Felix Thiollier photo exhibition - - photographer now revives the end of the 19th century Pictorialism"。
Work to be Pictorialism and categorized, but he is not a honest taste、170Some depending on who carried a foot to hear that watch a vintage print of up to a point。

And follow the usual route、Again pictorial too most of the work。Although it was also boring part in the composition and arrangement、But still photo photo、When you observe the details take a close look、Come lifted would also the author did not intend fun。
Sonaruto is one of appreciation time becomes absolutely long。While resentment that it is imminent time of the next scheduled、Enjoy the photo while facing as long as possible。
Then in Part of "people living in rural areas."、I met with one of the photos that strike a chord with me。To what Mononoke not countryside、But he that only photos of standing parent and child and Oboshiki person、Light full of sky、Smell wafting from the cut of the grass、Feel of mud that spread to the grassroots、All of them get a sense trotting systemic from the visual。"I want to go to this place。""At this time、Standing on this land、I want to much watching this landscape。"I was the one that Negaeru to do so off。
Do not I'm going to look at the photo exhibition to seek this kind of encounter -。Often ecstasy。
But exhibition hall is still the middle of、Time is not allowed to grace。A look at the rest of the exhibition a quick pace、Alacrity To scare off from the museum。
next time、Trying to come to see slowly。

Way home、The Kinutakoen before sunset in the trot to the station direction。Looking back and suddenly felt a sign behind、Trees of the park is illuminated by the setting sun、Light in the air is light that passed through the fresh green、It was like a photo of Thiollier。

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