Photo Exhibition ends.

today、Photo Exhibition "ariphoto selection vol.1" has ended。
Everyone who visiting、We purchased photos、Thank you very much。
this time、The first time the exhibition catalog a photo collection was made as an attempt。No market because made to sudden、web and on the hand selling only、20I think that it was good to make but I'm thin Photos of the page。
During the exhibition but I had had sold in the gallery、To talk with the purchaser individual、I was glad that mentioned the feelings of gratitude。
And、Looking back on your own photos、It was a good opportunity to look objectively。
But the sales target during the exhibition could not be reached、I am pleased。

But the fact that "500 parts limited、Is there yet? How can I got good contact that "、There is no one eliminated in such immediately!。Please purchase with confidence because there is still stock。

If you can contact us by e-mail、I will ship by free shipping nationwide。


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