See photos of (provisional) 2

On the first day photo exhibition "ariphoto selection vol.1"、After the "# 2、We held a meeting (tentative) "to see the photos。
Also participants this time 15 people、Since, however, such a free place、There is a change of some names to the people who do not come come people。
The kind Some were glad、But to take part in party other than the Visual Arts relationship had 4 people。As a result, even increased tension、Opportunity to listen to the opinions from the outside of the people who were also able to have。
And from among the current participants、Solo exhibition seekers in the gallery also gave me appeared。
Because such as that function in a good feeling、The next is also held decision!

"Third back、Photos meeting (provisional) "August 24 (Tuesday) held from 19 pm。

We look forward to more and more people participate in。

First appearance

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