Make the drawing tomorrow people vol.2

6 days until tomorrow than October 10 (Sunday)、Iwate resident photographer at the totem pole Photo Gallery、Make a new photo exhibition of Atsushi Okuyama's。
Okuyama's and is several times also be published together in magazines such as "Asahi camera" and "wind of traveler"、Last year exhibition, which was held at Konica Minolta Plaza "now、I was allowed to join us even journey "that there。
There is also in the human to love even photographers to work specifically、I am very happy to be able to hold the exhibition in his gallery。

Although it was finished today carry、Even more than Okuyama's Photos、Feel good wooden frame, which is the order in accordance with the of this exhibition。
This is due to the hand of Tadayoshi's Wayama is a woodworking artist of Okuyama's friends、When I picked up at the time of the carry-in、I was surprised at the height of its quality。
Immediately now I also want to order。
And likewise also portfolio tables and chairs of Wayama's work has been placed in the middle of the gallery、The entire gallery is full of soft texture of wood。
And it has also been exhibited Benzo's drawing work is the subject of Okuyama's works of this time。
Here it has been oil on scraps of plywood、There is also a different texture。

Polite piece of Okuyama's are to cherish the handicrafts world、Please perusal by all means on this occasion。
During the exhibition、Well as talk so we are Okuyama's Zairo。

Okuyama, Atsushi homepage

Okuyama, Atsushi photo exhibition "Drawing tomorrow to make people vol.2"

2010.10.5(Tue) – 10.10(Sun)@TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY

In the center of the Benzo's house to live in Hokkaido、Easel is standing。Its ago sat in a box of Styrofoam、To draw a picture、It is important time's now of Benzo。Picture was a big dream for Benzo's。Summer is pooled money to cultivate the wilderness、Winter learn painting in the field school to Tokyo。
Young continued to such a living for many years。
"Life for the picture."。Mr. Benzo told so about their adolescence。However,、As reality、It has not been possible as possible to draw its "life."。Reason to stop painting、Although there will be a number surely、The reason for Benzo's has left the picture、For "life events"、It was to penetrate their own obstinacy and beliefs。It is surely、People "not only to events that can occur in anyone's life" would say。I have to think so also。Nevertheless、Visit the Benzo's、Each time you release the shutter on the draw appearance、Tremble, such as breast、Caught in full such a thought。Also fingertips disease is trembling because、But it would have also familiar facial expressions, such as a little blurring of the time towards the canvas、Always something overflows、It does not stop。"Remaining Roh life out、Benzo, who laugh and is a few sheets after "the draw is、now、It is mother and daughter're drawn。91For Benzo who become old、What that means、I do not know。
To obtain "something、Lose something, "said、before、Mr. Benzo had wrote in the memo。
Nor word picture、Are careful not just to feel like it was found in simple。

Okuyama, Atsushi / Okuyama Atsushi
1972Years、Born in Osaka。
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies graduation。1995~ 1998、After working in publishing company in Tokyo、1998 Years、Emigrated to Iwate Prefecture Shizukuishi、I started working as a photographer。In addition to announcing the northern Tohoku climate and culture in the center and the subsequent magazine media、In recent years、And proactively work announcement。
2009Year "now、There some travel (Tokyo Month of Photography) "Konica Minolta Photo Gallery (Tokyo)
2008In person tomorrow to make Shinjuku Nikon Salon (Tokyo)
2006In "Country Songs live here" guardian garden, Tokyo Gallery Hila King (Iwate)
2005Year Crown to trip up cafe( Iwate)

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