Notice "(4)、See photos of (provisional).

This Saturday、10Sept. 19: more、Will be held a "meeting to see the photos (provisional)" at the totem pole Photo Gallery。
This time the fourth times、I think that if a more practical presentation of the field。

by the way、The word too business-like <presentation>、I do not accustomed to myself very much like、I do not feel the importance of far。It may not involve any of the words、Work, such as if the photo itself comes appeal to many a、Day-to-day with the aim myself also such frontiers are taking a photo。However, as a body that has seen a number of photos of the person of students and bring from the usual is、It's also still bad not been able to have any words for the work made of their own。
Finally, photo works、Although he author is hanging on how they see the world、You will have to break away from the unconscious against view of the world where that is the original。
And these days many opportunities to be asked a presentation in such competition。First, I think if Kurere familiar from the fact that talk about work in public。To that end、It's important be done in front of an unspecified number of people。
Of course, also free participation this time、It will be held free of charge。
Depending on the number of participants、Use as much as 10 minutes per person of the time、I think if Moraere prepared to speak of your own。

Before holding of "meeting to see the photos (provisional)"、We will now go the floor lecture with respect to this exhibition to Atsushi Okuyama in the photographic exhibition。
From tackled opportunity in this work up to the future development、And if we talk intrusive in an interactive format。
myself、Since you want to hear there are about mountain。

of course、Participation of only floor lecture of Okuyama's are also welcome。

The previous report is here.

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