Memorial、Akihisa Okuda Asahi camera editor-in-chief

News of a death。Leave October 2、Akihisa Okuda of Asahi camera editor-in-chief was may leave sudden death by myocardial infarction。
Still 52 years old、Evening in the case had been at a meeting of the photo forum of Japan Photographers Association sponsored that had been held in Yurakucho same day、Is the untimely death of a sudden too。
Seemed funeral was held only by close relatives、What I knew obituary was to Become today more than a week has passed。
Okuda editor-in-chief will carry the frequent foot from the gallery open the beginning、Who teamed up articles also featured in the Asahi Camera magazine。
Long-haired romance gray to black suit of vertical stripes、It has an always black attache case in hand、Appear in appearance that can not be seen in Katagi at a glance。
In addition GARAM smell of the lye strong story opening、Still day there was shallow been appointed、Was the one who, as it has been embodied the nickname that famous editor-in-chief。
To the gallery just raised the still cry that is not also less cognitive、That was able to spend a lot of page、Indeed not bear to thank。
In addition, since the work it was also that I am invited for a drink or separately several times、I think I've been me care about the sober activities of my own。

I had met last in your June this year、Things at the reception party of the photo exhibition of Jeremy Jangord。
Rounded up early in the large party of young people、Okuda, editor-in-chief to dose the GARAM in the table。We drank together while in Takadanobaba of the tavern to be invited。
Moderately and drink comes around、Okuda editor-in-chief is as usual "there-chan、Trying to do new work in our house。"And who over the voice。
However, for the invitation of the long-awaited、I just Namahenji。
Also answer remains ambiguous on that day、"If the summer of shooting settled down、Go to the show。"etc。Shame that has become divert that said so。

Although it has become too late、Be sure to have a new work to the grave。Ingratitude's bullshit、Please ask you once again。

2006On July 28、Harajuku。

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