See photos of (provisional) 4

The other day、We held the meeting see 4 photo (tentative)。
But well、Rain Man ru。Following the last month of the "moon-viewing × Ohagi × slideshow"、Also it became a place of listening to the sound of rain this time。Everyone that had you participate in bad feet、Thank you very much。
Start from the floor lecture of Okuyama's in the exhibition this time。While I was the facilitator、You get to talk with talk format。To take pictures、That face the people、It's Benzo lives and of Hokkaido in Shizukuishi。It was a short period of time、I received a lot of talk。That the attitude of the Okuyama's work production was plainly it represents among the、It ceased to stop the "work on to make one of the works。It was a word that "。The involvement of the once born people、Etc. accustomed to estrangement、Even if the other party is gone from this world、By no means eliminated it。Even if though Benzo-san died、Log cabin and handmade garden、Forest of the hill at the back is Yuku also left with decayed。Anticipation of their appearance、Thing and want to continue to take。Of people unique living with climate、It was felt the thoughtful words。
NEVER distract the eye from those continue to be。Or put more of what an honest distinction。Let's call it ties。

After the talk Exit、Makeover venue、View photos of participants out of the table。This time, Mr. Y of acquaintance of the photographer told me to participate guest。
Whether such because I heard the story of Okuyama's、Or first to a in response to the presentation of Mr. Y, who side-by-side photo、Always there was a momentum let alone to work commentary of the participants in。It has been held in the positioned as the field created by the participants themselves、A lively exchange of opinions is as long as the happy。 
Okuyama's、Y's、Thank you very much。

It is about the next held, but is undecided at this stage。Also you will notice here。
And、Since the last arena of the participants、We also accept such dates were also included proposal。

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