Osaka temperament

Photo exhibition currently being held "WHY NOW TIBETIn relation to the "、alma materOsaka Visual ArtsIn has been carried out lecture。
I feel every time、Students of the Osaka school is often very glue、Me in response to the request here.、Us have put a hand or question between at any time。Also easy to grasp the venue of the air when there is exchange of this kind of two-way。
Well tone Thanks、We were able to happily lecture。
Well, a little、Reflection point that has become a fast-talking too much riding in tone。There was than talk seems quite Seca、Or it would have transferred really the gist?。
Anyway、I have attended a lecture over a long period of time、Thank you very much。
50Was Saku prepared "ariphoto selection vol.1"Also sold out。Thank you for your purchase。

The exhibition December 21(Fire)It will be held up to。

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