Kiyoshi Suzuki photo exhibition "hundred of the revised、Thousand of history. "

From knowing the retrospective of Mr. Suzukikiyoshi it will be held at the National Museum of Modern Art、There was a concern that exceed it and looking forward to feeling。
It is because there have seen several times a photo exhibition, which was held in the lifetime of Mr.。

And tightly configured photo layout、Challenging the more daring venue construction。Ya hanging spheres from the ceiling、Sunayama that appeared as a sudden。
None is too avant-garde its、In my mind at the time I did not even know the words say "I installations"、Deeply burned-in as consisting Kikikaikai。Difficult to understand the urge and、I remember clearly even that the head had completely confused now in the euphoria that can not be holding。
After leaving the exhibition、I had the opportunity to talk with Mr. at the venue near the coffee shop。Words who while exchanging jokes also get the essence。My hackneyed impressions that still was in confusion、Remember the address is dismissed with a laugh。

Because their experience remains as vivid impression too、It said there was a certain anxiety in to see the composed exhibition remains of absence。
But put yourself in the Museum of Modern Art of venue、When confronted with photos、The anxiety became groundless。It will be based on the past of the exhibition of Mr.、Wall configuration be those rich in variation as unusual in the Museum of Art、Not only the original print、Such as dummy books and binding rough sketch of which became tattered also fixes are added again and again are lined up on the wall by his hands。
And one corner of the exhibition、The venue sketch for the exhibition arrangement according to which also Mr. hand、There was also mine also saw "territory of Duras"。A myriad of fine characters written on top of the fine illustrations、Memo paper that has been further cut and paste。It revives the memory of the time in one overlooking the sketch from corner to corner。Not only the placement of the photos one by one、Memory of the dim hall lights、And even their own what it is in the midst its。

Also for the photo collection are on display at the same time、I looked carefully over the one book one book time。But I had not previously seen only with Flip、Once again take in hand、Photo Exhibition same、Surprised to denseness of its configuration。It is not only just to the configuration of the photo、Cover Design、Printed pattern paper texture and there of looking back、Even the character set and back with。No matter Tato is several years month than published、Without such completely fade it、Appear alone rather further shine。20 years was issued before in the "city of tents", "dream of running" design、Feel compared to The newness Which printing technology very current latest collection of photographs and。And it was issued subsequently for, such as "areas of the Shura" and "territory of Duras" is、It feels and even not kept pace is still era。
Ya tenacity that I put in one book Photos、Not hide the surprise in the action force and the vast amount of knowledge to achieve it。

After all, but it was Aina' and able to carry three times foot until yesterday、Folding was calling on a second time、Blessed with Mr. twin opportunity to talk with light-san and Yu who is the daughter of。It Ya Kiyoshino Suzuki as a father、Episode of the Yu-san as "fool-Tetsuo Urasaki on the street."、Such as told me about the moment of surprise face-to-face with the remaining work。As a photographer、Paternally、Spirited alive、In addition to conflict、Of time to talk about that many of Suzuki passed away, leaving the work Shinno、The two of you look did seemed either's why envy。

It was somehow the best of Photo Exhibition 2010。12Because it is held up to the moon 19 days、Let's go to look at one more times before the end。

Kiyoshi Suzuki photo exhibition "hundred of the revised、Thousand of history. "

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