Omura sho 1 photo exhibition STREET CORE

2011.02.07(Mon) – 02.13(Sun)@Place M

As a true image of their dim image of when I passed、That Namanamashiki human binding what is the part of my core when facing from the front。
Despite such a servant of the exaggerated imagination、They also appeared from among the aloof from the world and photos。

Omura sho 1 (Ohmura Shoichi)
1989Born in Fukui Prefecture

Solo exhibition
"Sand castle" TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY (2010)
"Sand Castle vol.2' Gallery Niepce (2010)
"Sand Castle vol.3' Gallery Niepce (2010)
Group exhibition
"08310901" Visual Arts Gallery Tokyo (2009)

First one”Paul”This and Omura Shoichi-kun。
He was in April of last yearTOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERYBut us with exhibition。Sand castles
Parallel to studies nowGallery NiepceActivity is being also as a management member of the。
This exhibition to be the fourth time in the photo history two years。Tokyo、Fukui、It will exhibit the portrait group that has been taken by the streets of LONDON。

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