Kang good photo exhibition "new comer"

2011.02.08(Tue) – 02.13(Sun)@TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY

new comer
Zurarito line up factories and artifacts on the other side of the sea。
A ship, an airplane across the there。
Sandy beach that it can not be said to be a beautiful compliment。
The holiday of the summer did not seem far from the sea, such as spend with family and lover。However,、People who are enjoying the beach in with children was there in the sea。
Magical scenery and mysterious people。Receding consciousness from artifacts arranged in the other side of the sea。
In the first place、That concept even shallow history of human beings made that separates the natural and artificial。It is originally natural、Now to place a person that did not come true stand、I stand with a camera。On the beautiful sea、Reflected in the viewfinder、Creativity has been land by the hand of man。
40Earth's sea day become a thing of the man with a history of billion years。

Kang beauty goodness (Gang Misun)
1981Born in Korea

Second person is KyoYoshi good of students from Korea (Kang Mi-seon) Mr.。
Her work is”Their presence”While the axis of the、always”World”If it is exploring the relationship between、We were aware of the disparity caused by the difference in status and standing position to the viewer。
This work、Perhaps of her own self-portrait also be willing to accept while conflict of different cultures。
Japanese also fluent girlfriend、I hope if you can to talk at the venue。
2Month 8 days postscript:She also You can see book of "petrait" is another of the work at the venue。
Here it was objectively staring at the relationship between human beings and companion animal work。Once you read the two works、I think that her view of the world becomes more visible。

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