Kasai spring exhibition play

2011.02.15(Tue) – 02.20(Sun)@TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY

Information that is visible in the eyes、Most will fade from the memory
To record the reality much better than the memory device is camera
To remember it if the camera gods
If you look at the photo、It should have reflected in there more reliable storage is

Izumi Kawanishi (Kasai Izumi)
1988Born in Nagano Prefecture

Six people first is Izumi Kawanishi。
故郷の風景を8×10インチのカラーネガで撮影、Work was confined to its own storage in fine detail in the print。
Although the author is a slender woman、How dare、Is what has completed the shooting in that huge camera。
It is a work that I would like you to look carefully the one by one。

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