Kikuchi future photo exhibition "SCHULD"

2011.02.10(Thur) – 02.15(Tue)@Galerie JUILLET

The year before last winter、We stopped in the town of Terezin in the middle of the journey。Then I met one of the photo - in the center there was a figure of the father, smiling with his wife and daughter。The photo was full of happiness filled with copy some of the family holiday。
Terezin is passed through the camp at the time of the previous war has been placed town。Lesson for the escape is in the fence、Many of the tragedy was born in such abuse by prison guards and director。Especially after liberation by the Soviet army from the camp sacrifice of children there were many、It has been discovered in large quantities picture drawn by the children。Many of which reflect the time of the social conditions、Was content to tell the Jewish discrimination。
Director family photo of which had been left along with their belongings。One that was something that greatly change the recognition of until now。

Kikuchi, Masato (Masato Kikuchi)
1990Born in Tokyo

Five people first is Masato Kikuchi。
Work which also caused a stir in the examination of the graduation project。This whole book is composed of a copy of a variety of materials work。
In terms of "What really this is photographs of the?"、I think that there is a variety of opinion。
But, however、When then an attempt is made to represent the sensation resulting from the experience in his Czech specifically、It is certain that you select the best way。
By the way, "SCHULD" of the title is the meaning of a "responsible" in German。

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