Takeshita original photo exhibition "memory Mikata"

2011.02.15(Tue) – 02.20(Sun)@Gallery Niepce

See memory Mikata"
Also going to have burned into the memory, "It is a nice moment."、Also it will be distracted with a new one、It may remain ambiguous as one after another afterimage。
This work is in the view of the storage、Is the ally of the storage。

Bamboo shimomoto Keita (Takashita Genta)
1988Born in Saitama Prefecture

Thicker Takeshita original 8th and last this announcement I
His book, which was submitted as a graduation project、Output photographs taken in everyday life to tracing paper、It was Zohon elaborate that appear to or overlap each other or see-through front and rear of the image。
But also this time of the exhibition plan we were allowed to advance to hear、Beyond to imagine a blueprint that is in his head only words。
In fact we have to look forward to watch at the venue。

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