LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLEIt has been held entitled、Tokyo Visual Arts Department of Photography、Graduation exhibition of Arimoto seminar、The first week of the schedule has ended。
Everyone Thank you for coming、Everyone that I received your cooperation in publicity、Thank you very much。
Photo exhibition will start next week three people of the second week of the session on Tuesday。The author in each of the venue to the gallery、We look forward to everyone of visitors。

Kasai spring exhibition play@TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY
While Yu Quaternary photo exhibition 'the LIME CLASH@Roonee 247 Photography
Takeshita original photo exhibition "memory Mikata"@Gallery Niepce

the above、2It will be held in the month 15 (Tuesday) to February 20 (Sunday)。Thank you。
Kikuchi future photo exhibition "SCHULD"@Galerie JUILLETIt will be held until February 15 (Tuesday), so as you can mistake Naki is。

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