More than this、Enlarger you slay in the living room because it can't、One of its、I decided to let go of the FUJI A450 was used for many years。
Unclaimed is the photography students of twenty years。


Incidently I inherited this enlarger was twenty years old was。Photography student hours、What lay in the Office had been the Assistant photographer。4X I just started shooting with a 5-inch camera、It was so badly the hand you want equipment。But without a darkroom in the Office、No course using signs。Filled with ulterior motives have to ask。

"This enlarger、What do I do? 」
"We don't use。If I have a home.。」

Just in that short conversation、I was stretching machine。But take the problem how to。At that time I did not have both car and driver's license。(But still not。)
After all、But on the train home how he。
When you raise a giant stretch press weight、When you took the train to embarrassment、And expectations for 4 x 5 prints can do at home、They remember well even now.。
Since nearly 20 years、When you print from the negatives of the Brownie more than using this enlarger。In the meantime、I went to move several times、In the middle of the room always stood stretching machine。

To use the taxi came to pick up students at、Away from the Boulevard、I have a enlarger, carry。In the heavy evoked memories of those days。
Although the equipment no longer needed contacts with long、Sad thing is it lost when it comes。
Apart from the new owner use this enlarger、I hope things will make many prints from my。

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