7 years later

Lecturer of work in the photo school、I have been doing for a long time if I notice。And as many of the graduates we cameraman was sent out in the meantime、Also has been active in various fields as a photographer。Or it found its name in a magazine of credit、It would get in or reunited with such photo exhibition of the reception、I came across graduates and ran smack into my in also Shinjuku on the road today。
In light rain falls downtown、She was walking carrying a large amount of photographic equipment not Nitsukawashiku to the Hosoude a carrier cart。It seems to have worked as a cameraman in this neighborhood。
I also It had been hanging the camera from the neck、Self-explanatory on-time of the each other。Although it situ parted in the exchange of word or two、To the will see and hear the sight of former student who is active in the field、It becomes a pressure in a good way、It will also be encouraging more than anything else。

M-chan、Also let's slowly talk。

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