The photos for the exhibition to be held from the end of this month grated take in the current progressive form, but I Chuna、Troubled situation has occurred。There is no Brownie of T-MAX400 they know and love many years!
Since the last-minute demand during the last month of Kodak film price increases、Supply had become quite unstable。Although it survived in stock at that time、It also attached the bottom、Once the new try visiting Tokyo retailers purchase the poster of "the next time of arrival is undecided."。
Continue to use the T-MAX400 is and 20 years。But such a thing is a translation did not have, even for a time until now、It may be that era had no longer gone that can be purchased at any time at ease film。We always like must be borne in mind that you stock along with the photographic paper。
I bought the TRI-X400 for the time being as an emergency measure。The developer of this film is commonly used、Development time in the HC-110 is abnormally short uneven development is a concern。It is in practice the current test development。

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