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New photo book of "ariphoto selection vol.6"Shop pageHas been opened.。
Made in a limited 500 copies every time the、The last 5 are all sold out。Purchase your copy soon Please!

PayPal account holders.、Card payments the following "buy now" button to take。
To pay by bank transfer pleaseClick hereThe above please fill in the form、Please press the submit button。

Either way the price is 1000 yen free shipping。

Sold out

2 thoughts on "Web Shop Open!

  • Tonight。

    We repented and left without giving her name to a rude Ramblas。Once in a while on this day to remember very much(Lol)Mr. arimoto and want to talk will be。For some reason today was the day。And no other school reminds us, maybe in this land ready for photo story from?。Since I could talk and Ms. arimoto。Also exhibiting looking forward to!

    P.s. sent me the photos I now thank you。

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