Nagoya Visual Arts summer camp

Last year of the Osaka SchoolTo continue to、Sister school this yearNagoya Visual ArtsIt has been a guest participate in the summer training camp。
Tokyo school、Osaka School、I have been participating each to the training camp of Kyushu University、There is a personality in the style of school spirit and students and training camp for each each school、It is also interesting to see the differences, including the regional characteristics。If and it represents a word the style of the summer training camp of Nagoya University、Just "training camp"。500 people a total of all departments to complete each event in cooperation。Between three days and two nights、Lectures and workshops with the exception of a slight sleep time、Photos Critiques and shooting practice is Tenkomori。Students who participated in、I think we grew stronger against photos in this three days?
Efforts to photos further with the momentum from here、It is what you want to reunited with grown everyone works。I want to go to see the graduation exhibition if there is an opportunity。


Play as guest、Senior photographer ZIGEN's


Suddenly begins Ri Daigi tournament


Bingo Sisters。Basis、Teachers of Nagoya University。


The facility will move in the land car


Sawao-kun of the Department of length is junior of the Osaka School


ZIGEN's workshop


Bingo Sisters?


From the second day of the afternoon is the time of photo criticism


Teacher of student、Mr. Nakagawa your company。Currently school length of the Nagoya Visual Arts。


The third day in the morning




Everyone was cheers for good work。Thank you!

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