Visual Arts Osaka summer camp 2015

Overnight talk show with hiroh Kikai、At 8 o'clock in the morning ago his alma mater set。80Along with the name of the photo students are rocked to the bus until Ichiro Sea of ​​Japan。
Two years agoOsaka school summer camp、last year'sNagoya school summer campFollowing the、Also it has been a guest participating in the alma mater of the summer training camp this year。
Every year、Teacher that had I am greatly boost the summer training camp、Shunji Dodo Although teacher it was bowing out as far as last year、Led by Takeshi-kun of the second son、Such as Atsushi Abe teacher and Maya Akashika teacher、Powerful writer team Shikato alive and well。While firmly took over the tradition、In uninhibited style、It was also liven up the firmly Satu coast this year。
Prize bingo tournament is a large amount of the photo collection。Students who are suffering seriously taking much into one book book hand or on it and choosing、Facial expressions of delighted Abe teacher looking at the appearance was impressive。
Much talk、Great eats、Playing great、Too much of enhancement sore、Last bellflower pulling summer cold。But as usual goofy particulars。









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