Saturday flea market held at the TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY。
World War II Memorial Day、In the middle of the tray with、I'm happy as long as it is, our visitors plenty of。I as a charity project、Under the original、Choose work over print, have been selling at low price。
After finishing the preparation、12When the doors open up to eat at a Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood。While drinking coffee into calls from mobile。"I can line.、Please come back soon! 」
Be glad in the reaction far exceeded expectations after the opening of、In Buri of more than 1 hour for the first rush we all communication with customers、Just say hello、Collection、Just repeat the bagging。It is regret every one take could not talk。
The sales amount (¥ 142000) has a responsibility, as Eastern Japan earthquake relief fund through the Japan Red Cross Society will donate。
Visitors learn to now to plan your support people、We thank everyone who opened。Able to spend on a good summer day。

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