Taipei 2017_2

Photobook Fair:
This time of the main event is from Taipei stay second day、Photobook Fair start。My total weight of the brought in Photos just one person is more than 30kg。Taking daily necessities suitcase 40kg less than、It is the weight of the limit to be lifted by one person。Since the return of airline tickets do not pay the extra charge、It must be less than 20kg luggage weight of the total。I mean、Sold out is the goal。
This event is also the fact that the first time this year、Sometimes it also referred to the third Fair between this one month alone Taipei city、Unfortunately, the number of visitors was not much。Immediately after the start people also sparse、There was also groundless properly sell kana that。But visitors gradually increased、Come to open the lid "Tokyo Circulation" is sold out in the first day! Have a look at the samples from the second day、Taipei-based online book shop “” It was only induced to。That “” But the third day in the “Out of stock” Becomes the、Purchase has become sorry to the people of hope。It is truly happy scream。While the other members were some people who were strong sales to struggle、I think we became a big harvest but still was able to directly communicate with people of many visitors and reviewers。
Although I myself did not lead to sold out of target、30kg of photo book after fair termination had become less than one-tenth。Thank you for your purchase!


Still enters the human about this、Everyone us look intently

Hard sales in a foreign language that does not get used members

It will also be held slide talk at the same venue

Also participated in Yamagata's you with the photographer in the last year in Paris

of course “Shashasha” Onishi also participate

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