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Mizushima Taipei:
Young Art Taipei/Photo EyeではPhotobook Fairの他にPhoto Talk, Portfolio Review has been held。I myself it was the participation of only Photobook Fair、Mizushima-kun and addressed to Mr. of the gallery members had also participated in the Portfolio Review。Taiwan、China、Korea、Japan、Shigaporu、England、Switzerland、Each participant from Spain 19 people a total that has been invited from each country of photos parties to select the pre-5 reviewers、Thing that presentation will bring the portfolio。If the works do not like to reviewers、Publication of the exhibition and photo collection of、The spread is a chance, such as an exhibition of the fair in foreign countries。And the review after the end as the Grand Prix by 19 reviewers discussion “Photo Eye Best Portfolio Review Award” There will be awarded。By the way RiTakeshi Ling said of last year's Grand Prix photo book will be published this fall AKAAKA (representative Himeno Mr. REAL NAME)。
And oh、Although introduction was longer、Of TPPGCopthorne UniversityHas won a stunning Grand Prix!
Attitude is of course going to his work production from the usual、Advance preparation Ya towards this portfolio review、Handmade ZINE struggling, such as、TPPG members had seen a familiar was really happy。Congratulations Mizushima! !

Since the examination end who Masato Seto is the reviewer immediately after (next to you at Photobook Fair) is Mizushima told me to report to us in advance that was Catch of the Grand Prix、Until the award of the announcement、Was desperate to pretend to be calm so as not to Barre in Mizushima。

Of course completely Mizushima was prepared for this time of the fair handmade ZINE “Long Hug Town” 25Saku has sold out in two days。

Fair opening day、Taiwan to、Magazine to introduce Japanese culture "pikeReceive an interview from "

Review before、Interpreter's a meeting of Japanese

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Interpreting the through two presentations to the Spanish reviewers

It is awarded a shield than Brett Rogers Ms. of The Photographers' Gallery London

After the award presentation visitors to the booth was a heckle of crowded

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