Taipei 2017_4

Food Taipei:
Digress、Gastronomy Speaking of Taipei。This was also part of the fun of this trip。Since Photobook Fair is a place of marathon from 9:30 am to 10 pm、Lunch jumpsuit rice only。That amount、Breakfast and dinner was enjoyed with a whole bunch of local rice。We will introduce some of。

Photo Eye director of 沈昭 good teacher recommended popular "Hayashihigashi Kaoru beef noodles," the middle of the night until the matrix is ​​not constantly shop
Big beef! Noodles soup Tsu delicious! It looks better taste and put the miso specific something of tabletop

Members who get devoured as hungry livestock、Kai-kun substitute also ate was drunk to drunk

From the inn nearest local cafeteria of the "Four Seas beans 漿大 King" small basket tangbao、Every morning was eating this

With ji ku "universal milk king" の fried eggs, pork chops onions、This huge amount Tsu delicious! !

Fire pot specific something、good!

Rice with red beans manner something of crab、This is also good! !

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