Taipei 2017_5

Taipei last night:
First events in foreign countries to participate in TPPG members “Young Art Taipei/Photo Eye” Exit also between overwhelmed。Photos are to be sold 28kg、It was Tachiae also at the moment of award of Mizushima、We were able to get to know a lot of people、Gastronomy also we were fluent、It was really fulfilling stay。After the event organizers、Reviewers、Exhibiting artists is bring together and held a launch in Taiwan flow tavern。While among the smack to the delicious cuisine、Talk the achievements and next outlook of this event。It was really fun It was a short stay。We can not very drunk but here、Even after this “Jing Lu Art gallery” Because there is a schedule of the owner of the Ryuodo (Liu Yao) 's and dinner。Yao, who is a Hirose friend、I received the news of Taipei stay of this member、...... it was was not invited me and want to have supper with us。"Followed by a 5 piece of the image"

After the Fair Exit、Drink a beer while tidying up。I mean、Also being held was not always drink Kai-kun。100Taiwan Dollar。

Photographer HALMr. and members of Kohei Hirose、Fashion sense of wind direction was arbitrarily Brother certification because it is the same。
Hirose-kun boasts a travel history dozens of times to Taiwan、Of this time “Photo Eye” Participation is due to his planning。Coordination in contact and local and Secretariat、Taipei Friend, etc.、Was almost all leave Kkiri。Thank you、Cheers for hard work Did!

At photographer “Photo Eye” Director of沈昭 goodMr. (Shen Chao-Liang) と “Jia Za Zhi Press” Hodooto sum of the designer (Cheng Yinhe) Mr.。

Is recommended a chugging from HAL's。This absolute dangerous liquor and!

Rush to the meeting place of the Yao's rounded up the launch in the middle。Why we had arrived Google Maps to rely on the “HOOTERS” Taipei shop。If you also enter the store with wonder、Yao, who was wearing a balloon hat greeted the smiling。Hirose and although he we was not communicated well、This meeting seems to have been a birthday party of Mr. Yao。

It Is Aja Pani ~ ~ ~'s! And the original members of enjoying the hula hoop while raising a roar of mystery Isao Hishinuma。

Hula Hoop you do this、Sample of。

Thus Taipei last night I went dandruff。

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