The Photographic Society of Japan’s Lifetime Achievement Award

It announced it had been forgotten the report because it was the day to stand in Taiwan has received a Japan Photographic Society of Writers Award in the "TOKYO CIRCULATION"。We are a little puzzled because the second time of the award in the same work following the Tadahiko Hayashi Award。Even when subjected to let me know of the award from the Photographic Society of Japan、Had reflective listening is also not good enough believe not many times。This award is not a nominated system、Because only be determined in consultation with the judges、We notice, such as there was no any。
Article at the time of the award Tadahiko Hayashi AwardAlthough the I wording would suffer、This award is I believe that the gift of everyone of your help always have gotten your support and encouragement。Thank you so much!
It should be noted、Winners Exhibition will be held in the following schedule。Please visit us in when came near。Tadahiko Hayashi Prize photo exhibition after the end of、Same will be the exhibition of at Fujifilm Photo Salon in two weeks。

· June 2(gold)- June 8(wood) Fujifilm Photo Salon(Roppongi)

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* Photos "TOKYO CIRCULATION" is the balance has become less。If the purchase of hope as soon as possible please。

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