Paris 2017_2

Clément-san and Nobue's:
Opportunity of this exhibition、last year's “Foto Fever” During the Paris stay in “Zen Foto Gallery” Mark's is “Le Plac’Art Photo” The beginning that made me drawn together of Clément-san and Nobue's to the owner and his wife。Then Speaking of that I of the In the actual exhibition、Print “Zen Foto Gallery” Only it was delivered to the、All subsequent be leaving to others。Production of flyers and books mat、From the preparation of the frame to the hotel of the booking、All local things Clément-san and Nobue san told me to arrange。And my alone in an unfamiliar land after Paris arrival、It took me to every night restaurants and wine bars that elaborate。Even say a few words of thanks much for the generous hospitality、I hardly not be exhaustive represents the feelings。Thank you so much! We were able to celebrate the best of the opening Thanks。

Also serves as a gallery and a photo book bookstore “Le Plac’Art Photo” 、During the shooting of the product image in the couple three-legged race。
During Zairo showed me a lot of super rare photo collection of Clément's collection。A treat!

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