Paris 2017_3

Le Plac’art Photo:

It is in many gather the Saint-Germain district and art galleries of Paris “Le Plac’art Photo”。Although there behind one from the main street、Many pedestrian traffic、Who come to see the photo exhibition、People come to buy the photo book、Visited by various people such as those who come or to appraisal of the old photos and Photos。
Clément's kindly corresponds to a person of the visitors、From the description of the exhibited works、Or find the one book of the needs of the audience、Furthermore, busy with or recommend the photo collection of the customer's preference。I also and have ransacked the photo book in the store in the gallery、Clément's introduced me to a variety of photo book。Or there is a masterpiece that did not know until now in the、Dattari book a Suparea。Wonderful space Yuku spreads out insight into the photo just to be here。Location is you want to visit all means is when I came to Paris。Japanese is also okay because Nobue's also resident。

Archive appears from the back and slide the exhibition wall。Product looking so are sorted for each genre can be found immediately to。

New book Photos are organized in the center of the bookshelf。

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