Paris 2017_Nov #3

Beaux-Arts de Paris Book Fair to be held in (the French National High School of Fine Arts) in the in the area which is surrounded by museums such as the Louvre and Orsay “Offprint Paris, Art Publishing Fair” Here are 5 also admission fee in a very casual event€Cheap and、Attracts many young people love art book。Exhibitors a wide range from domestic and foreign well-known publishers to local art students、You can see a variety of art books for the hand。
One round and kidnapping was caught the eye in the United Kingdom of “Nobody Books” Booth of、Photos home “Stephen Gill” But of private label、There are also many Mr. collection of photographs that have never Omenikaka' in Japan。When looking to pick up one by one book、Uncle sitting in the booth gave me explain such commitment concepts and binding of each of the series。And I have heard To Un'un、His subject “I” According to the mind has become the。ARE YOU KIDDING? ? I think ask if、It was also Stephen Gill himself was。I did not know your face、Is he more of a celebrity is never occurred to me that are customer sitting with Chokon to the booth。It gave me quite discounted with the purchase of several books、They told me to politely signing one by one book。Me if friendly to commemorate shooting in smartphone、It was really pleasant person。I like this encounter is also fair unique。
By the wayWikipediaStephen Gill Mr. If you look in was the same in 1971 was born with me。My small sense of barrel and ...... in a commemorative photo。

Stephen Gill
Nobody Books

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