Paris 2017_Nov #4

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Last year but it was the appreciation in the whirlwind there is no time、We could see relatively slowly this year。Groupie servant、The good work、He had raised a roar and "Uo Tsu ~!" In one person each time you encounter the works of favorite photographer。Sometime in this Grand Palais、I would like to showcase your own along with top-notch writers。

Work group of Ed van der Elsken is the best goose bumps this time was standing、Exhibition of color and black-and-white are mixed is nice!

Big piece of Joel Meyerowitz、Which is likely sucked in color。

I love work of Weegee、Thus pricing in illusion and I think we can buy if the impossible。
In fact it does not buy hardly、One 300,000€Resulting in crazy money sense because work Toka also (about 40 million yen) ......。

Etherton Gallery of the booth Masao Yamamoto's exhibition state、Visitors had divergent care laden aura buy in extremly popular。

Excited to encounter Boris Mikhail is in peak!

Of Michael Schmidt “women” series、Framed will also be cool reference even more than the work。
Exhibition method which utilizes a cross-section of a float glass well。

paris Photo 2016

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