Lianzhou Foto #4

Solo Exhibition @Shoe Factory & Granary:
Exhibition / Solo Exhibition to be held in two places of the "shoe factory" another venue as being on "a US warehouse" of the article up to the previous。Here each of the curator team has been held exhibition by 47 sets of up-and-coming writers chose a unique point of view。Exhibition from my work also here category。It has been carried out exhibition of the respective authors in a separate space, such as a classroom of school in the three-story building at the venue of the shoe factory、It has become a content and fulfilling a significant volume。There wall length is 50 meters just my exhibition space、Works that stretched to the roll size are exhibited 33 points。

Print Quality is also high、Framed also became a satisfactory exhibition me to go to the order as。1Luxury specification of the box frame of m × 1m。

Uncle of the military uniform that had been relentlessly taking my work。

Daniel Traub (USA) “Little North Road” Work that was standing China African residents theme。Installations photos floating in the air。

陈维 / Chen Wei (China) “Building / New Buildings”
Writing in Erisupo to the venue that dropped the illuminance、Fantastic exhibition, such as photos emerge in the dark。

Find on Flickr a long time ago、Of 严明 / Yan Ming, which has been focused on the work “大国志/Country of Ambition”。
It was good to look at the actual exhibition。

2014Works of Zhang Kechun which won the Arles International Photo Festival Discovery Award of year “Endless Mountains / Between Mountains and Waters”。
And his exhibition in Paris in 2013(PHOTOQUAI)And、2016Also please together in such as South Korea's Daegu Photo Biennale of the year。

State of the shoe factory hall。

Simple work of only cat's eyes glowing in a flash。Was very intrigued by the simple because。

Zhou Mengting / Zhou Mengting (China) “The room (Family of four) / IN THE ROOM IV”

Zhao / Zhao Xin (China) “Vital status / States of Life”

Masamichi Kagaya / Masamich Kagaya (Japan) “Radiation like / Autoradiograph”

唐景锋 / Kurt Tong (Hongkong) “颜姐/Combing for Ice and Jade”

Picture obtained by viewing the venue from the opposite side。Spacious space。

I was interviewed from multiple media at home and abroad。Lee Kun、Thanks for interpretation!

Girls of volunteers who stood to each venue as security。Thank you for your dedicated work!

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