Lianzhou Foto #5

Lianzhou Photography Museum:
But is this time in the 13th communicate State international photography year exhibition to be held、It would be still the grand opening of the communicating State shooting Museum / Lianzhou Photography Museum of the year's highlights。But this city of still developing when compared with such as the center city of China、Photographic culture as the center of the museum is to be premonition and I slide into development。It there is a review number has been close to the museum began situated and art shops of flavor which is different from the other shops of this city、Because I feel that there has been a growing interest in photos and art of the young generation。I am pleased to be part of the opening ceremony, such as it becomes such a cultural turning point。

Open-learning ceremony by inviting the officials and the press from home and abroad。Also it has attendance, such as government officials。

Modern architecture not Nitsukawashiku the surrounding buildings。But also completely changed the landscape of the city from now on in a few years、Will Yuku also no discomfort。

Albert Watson (USA) “The Two Faces of Janus”

I have seen many panoramic photo in the works of Chinese writers。Wide country is、I wonder because the population often?

Although still collection is small there is also a Library。

And a slide show in the evening、Events of the combined improvisation has been made to work。Playing in the roar of about can not talk even in a place away from the venue。I would worry about what does not come out, such as complaints from neighboring。And、I feel the generosity of this city。

State of outdoor event space。It is safe because there is a roof even if it rains。

Reception party was held until midnight。

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