Seoul 2018 #3

Talk Show:
The main event of this visit to Korea is talk show by the progress of the Area Mr. Park of curator。Speakers is Hiroshi Suganuma、Koichi Ino、Liangcheng You、Kohei Hirose (titles omitted)、And I five people。Interpretation is also a graduate of my seminar、Because it was KyoYoshi good, which is also the current members of TPPG、Photo, such as technical terms and work commentary forte。There is also thanks to the perfect interpreter of good progress and Mei Mei of Area Park's sharp、2Time I was able to do a talk and fulfilling over plenty of wide range。Enthusiastic and question many also the attitude of the participants、It was a lot of harvest an event even for myself。Everyone who has participated as such everyone that I am given the opportunity、And I would like to thank the many people who has cooperation。

Talk about Japan Photos and South Korea Photo by Mr. Hiroshi Suganuma of the original Guardian Garden director。

The exhibition of this from youn gon / KIM Seungkon's photo critic representative of the Korea we received speech。

Same、I had a speech that very encouraging from Mr. photographer Guhon Akira / Koo Bohnchang representative of the Korea。

After the talk the end of lottery tournament of gifts that each writer was bring together was held。
Gift from the beam's original print from the "Shinjuku lost"!

This flyer design in the seminar room、Beam's、Hirose、Also held lecture by Koichi Ino, which dealt a photo collection of binding of Arimoto。

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