This season

The other day、Lotus root Gallery one get better photography magazine interview。For portrait photography。
It is not good at being interviewed、Nor hate。
Ya my works、To talk about the production process、Because it becomes a good opportunity to reconsider its own。
Even I am amazed at their preference to be reminded among the conversation。
The interviewer also familiar facesTakazawakenzBecause it was Mr. was able to speak to relax。(Although I wanted to talk more and more。)
After the end、Carried out a workshop to be this year and last. Immediately after Irezu。
It brings together people who seemingly benevolent on Christmas night、Talk while looking at the photos。
When the handle、Although the number of participants was less than usual、I think that that amount was heavily can talk。
Greeting after the completion of the "good Happy New Year ~。I'm "。

And today、Moved by train among the heavy rain。While clenched Tonkachi and electric saw-tooth at Gallery、Chore of for next year、Chore、Chore。
Just one year ago、It reminds me of when I was making the walls of the gallery。
"really、I wonder there was variety was one year older than the blink of an eye。"Such a wonderful cause Mora the mundane thoughts。
Direction while before、While impatience、While looking back、We spend the legitimate end of the year。

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