Thanks かんしゃ

Although the world is that Bon、I'm still in the Shinjuku of intense heat、Big Mac and barley tea。

There is no meeting that the past few days Doki、It did not lead to take the portrait。
But I walked much than in even the day today、Japan has been late within no good encounter。
"Useless today Car。If you are walking by giving up the middle and "、Finding a nice woman near the Seibu Shinjuku Station。
Although approached tries to get voice、Just the answer is not dare quite Tour of the head bad。
Because recently、I have not tried that may reply is returned to over a voice to young women。There even be sometimes referred to or "Kimoi" or "annoying"。... I'm unable even heard talk。
But even if the trailing Nante bad image because there is no way、Call out to take the plunge。
Then the woman gave me readily agreed with the "if it is good with me."。
I became happy on the surprising reply、It will describe their work more than necessary。Then shoot in a hurry because the man of him was come。
Thank you "take a few cut。"And say thanks," Thank you for what here.。And it returned. "。
"Something like me、I am honored if Re assist you of something。Osshara is by far as "、Nothing but inspiring。

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