Sad news

I heard the mourning report of acquaintance of the photographer。
While I not had so much acquainted with him、There often be encountered on the streets in the captured、I was a little stood talking in the time。
Of course both of them are from the neck and hanging camera、I remember well had been fidgeting with each other while talking。
And often me carrying a foot to my photo exhibition、At that time we talked in real intention。
New Year's Day、It seems to have died during shooting。
But his dignity a certain appearance、But two younger than I am If you listen。I wonder what death too early。

I wish from the bottom of my heart for the souls of the Masafumi Uchino's。

2008年1月7日 有元伸也

One thought on "Sad news

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    It is very much long silence。
    Masafumi Uchino's Flipnote、See what point in time being net。
    Mobile Phone、Kagami、I've caught good moment such as。

    When in contact with the landscape、Like you are in in the mirror、
    Hata also, such as peek the landscape in the mirror、
    Have you ever remember such a illusion、
    Several points of the work of the infield Mr.、It has been exactly to that kind smell ...
    I thought I wish I photograph feel the mirror。

    I mean it is not that the new work of another Uchino is born、
    By Arimoto's has been introduced、That I was able to touch the works、Thank you。
    It is only among the living photographer。Let's say you leave many even one ...

    by myu.

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