Megumi Okubo Photo Exhibition "depth + α"

2011.02.08(Tue) – 02.13(Sun)@Roonee 247 Photography

"Depth + α"
Mitaka Tamagawa
Only place which is visible on the surface, but not all、Still in its earlier、I feel like there is something to bottom。
Squint deep inside leaned。
If there even when clear、Sometimes only invisible dark surface。
Appearance is different from usual。
Or vision problems、Just might be a place for the action of the weather。
However, the depth、Lightness、The change、It seemed to be not only because of the river。
This river、What is reflects the mind?
What is projecting me?
Vision is lost to the river、Thoughts shed is pulled into the river、Go sinking deeply just as Izanawa。

Kei Okubo (Okubo Megumi)
1983Year born in Kumamoto Prefecture born

Group Exhibition
"08310901" Visual Arts Gallery Tokyo (2009)

Third person is Yasue Ohisa。
She live in Saitama Prefecture from Kawagoe to Mitaka City to be photographed locations Shoyo an hour and a half。To live in Kichijoji、Day-to-day as my body have seen this place was sometimes crosses the head and "I should be taking a more close location"。Never such a thing Kedomo's。She For、It was part of the work production is also the travel time。While being jolted the train a long time、Wins a thought to the scene can meet the future。Precisely because there was such a time”place”To”meaning”It will is given。There is in the world and ideas beyond the concepts appear in there。
Neat black-and-white print your perusal please。

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