Matsuki thigh photo exhibition 'breathing'

2011.02.08(Tue) – 02.13(Sun)@Gallery Niepce

Tie body awareness, it is common sense emotions
Nothing like when this became lame?

Momoko matsuki (Matsuki Momoko)
1986Born in Fukushima Prefecture

Four people first is Ms. Momoko Matsuki。
It becomes a deep forest and the integral of Yakushima、Incorporating the ching chi in the body、People representing the whole body。
There is also that her own doing contemporary dance、Location、model、It is each photographer has been issued birth each other fellowship in dense work。
Large extended print is also a must-see。
2Month 8 days postscript:It will be the exhibition of the dark than the normal lighting of the venue。
Although a state in from the entrance making it difficult to see、In the exhibition in round 13:00~ 20:00We have loggia。

Gallery Niepce

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